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How to let go of  being the default parent

Hint: It's not through separating, fights or tears..  

Imagine a day where you got up in the morning, the dishwasher was unstacked, the lunches were made and the sports uniforms were already on for the day WITHOUT you having to nag!

Sounds unachievable right? WRONG

Let us show you how!


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Learn to let go of the mental load, today (before you end up screaming at everyone and kicking your husband out of the house)!

Free Mind, More Time is the Online Course made for busy Mums (by a busy Mum) who can't deal with the overwhelm any more.

If you:

  • are sick of doing everything in your home
  • never get any time to yourself
  • struggle to delegate to others
  • are wasting time and money on things that no-one wants (including food)

Then this the the course for you. 

But wait... of course there's more...

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What You Will Learn

Module 1

Time Management Tools

To kick off the course we’ll go over the essential time management tools you need to transform the way you structure your days. These simple yet powerful techniques are designed to give you back valuable time, in turn reducing daily overwhelm that can stop you in your tracks. If you feel like you never have enough time in the day, this module will help you find it.

Module 2

Productivity and Efficiency

The second module takes everything you learned in Module 1 and puts it into practice. The key to being productive largely comes down to two things: avoiding time-wasters and delegating necessary tasks. We’ll first determine what you’re wasting time on then delve into delegation before wrapping the module up with a couple of tried-and-true efficiency systems.

Module 3

Planning (for families)

Keeping track of your own schedule and to-do list is difficult enough, but it gets even more complicated when you’re running a family. Module 3 is all about family organisation. From menu planning to scheduling for families big and small, discover how to streamline your household and bring calm to the chaos.

Module 4

Reducing the Mental Load

It’s common to downplay how overwhelming and stressful running a household can be. In reality, being responsible for your entire family can be a heavy weight on your shoulders, otherwise known as the Mental Load. Module 4 explores the theory behind the Mental Load, what it means, who carries it, and how to overcome it.

Take back your life!

Free Mind, More Time is NOT about decluttering or manifestation. It’s a practical guide leading you step by step toward an organised and calm household.

Over four modules, you’ll learn how to give up the juggling act with careful planning and effective time management as well as techniques to increase productivity and reduce your mental load.

Discover how to take back your time and make the most of it for both you and your family.

We've designed this course for busy people - and because I know what it's like, we've put closed captions on there too so you can read it, or listen to it wherever you are! Waiting in the car, on the toilet (come on, you know you're on your phone in there), we've got your back!

Join our Free Mind, More Time Course for:

  • More free time
  • A happier home life
  • Lifelong skills
  • More independence for you and your family


  • 4 comprehensive modules (with closed captioning available) showing you how to free your mind, and get more time in your life
  • Access to the Free Mind, More Time Facebook community
  • Support from like-minded people to help you get through the hard times


Join Us Today

Kelly Walter

  • 13 years service as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Australian Navy
  • Wife to an awesome husband (he wanted me to put that in)
  • Mum of 2 energetic kids
  • 20 years organising experience
  • Organised over 45,000 Australians with her wall planner business, Daily Orders
  • AusMumpreneur Nominee
  • Media appearances in the Herald Sun, Mamamia, Studio 10, The Age and more

Client LOVE!

OMG I Started watching the course clips and something just clicked. I went through the final boxes of my (late) mums thing and got it all ready for the auctioneers. They've been in my cupboard for three years. DONE.

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  • More free time
  • A happier home life
  • Lifelong skills
  • More independence for you and your family
Ease the mental load now!

What are you waiting for?

If you're waiting for someone else to make a change, for someone else to read your mind and get the things done around your house without you asking... you're wasting your time. YOU need to take action today and make a change for the better.

When you join us, you will get immediate access to the course so you can start implementing the lessons ASAP. 


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$197.99 AUD

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  • More free time
  • A happier home life
  • Lifelong skills
  • More independence for you and your family
Ease the mental load now!

It's time to focus on you

Stop waiting for others to take action. The time is now.